Welcome to Vie Nutrition Dietetic Consultancy


Welcome to our first blog post from Vie Nutrition.  We are a dietetic consultancy based in Chester but consult with people from all over the North West including North Wales, Manchester and Liverpool.  Due to the joys of ever evolving communication methods we also regularly do Skype consultations for people across the UK who are looking for specialist dietetic support for gastroenterology, diabetes and weight management conditions.

At Vie Nutrition we have chosen to focus on these 3 clinical areas as they are the areas which we have dedicated our professional lives too, they are our passion, our areas of clinical expertise and ongoing research.  

Whilst we know there are many nutrition blogs out there with a lot of conflicting information, we want to provide you with a place you can come to where you can trust that any kind of nutrition and clinical information we talk about and share with you, will be up-to-date and evidence based. There will be no pseudo-science, pseudo-nutrition, false claims or wishful thinking - we want to make the current science and research in the nutrition field both accessible and understandable so you feel confident you are doing the best you can for your health.

We will share with you our thoughts and findings on a wide variety of topics associated with gastroenterology, diabetes and weight management.  Look out for our articles which we will post every 2-3 weeks.  We'd love to hear your thoughts, experiences and we're excited to connect with you!



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