Happy family enjoying a meal

The experience was very positive and informative. The information you provided was clear and easy to understand. It has helped improve my IBS symptoms a great deal and I feel a lot better.

You are very friendly and professional and put me at ease immediately, especially as speaking about IBS symptoms can be embarrassing. I would happily recommend your services.
Mrs W (32), Ellesmere Port

I have suffered with sometimes severe IBS for many years; I have had multiple tests done and tried so many diets but with little success. At my first consultation with Jeanette, she took the time to listen to me and reviewed my symptoms, medications and lifestyle. Following Jeanette’s advice and plan, 2 months later I feel so much better and my symptoms have virtually gone! I feel like I have loads more energy but I am also able to manage my diet with confidence. Thank you so much.
Mrs C (42), Chester

A friend recommended I see Jeanette to see if she could also help me with my symptoms of bloating and diarrhoea. I was worried I would not be able to follow some "crazy" diet plan but Jeanette was so reassuring and gave me loads of practical and straightforward advice to make a few changes to my diet. This has helped enormously and I now don’t worry where the nearest toilets are whenever I go out. Jeanette was very supportive and took time to answer any emails or phone calls. Definitely worth a consultation.
Mrs H (54), Flintshire

As a sufferer from Acid Reflux I found Jeannette's advice invaluable in helping me to focus my attention on a different approach to my diet, guiding me back on the path to reach my optimum weight again. She also put the symptoms I was experiencing into context which I also found really important and helped me understand that weight gain was now the main priority to ensure a continued healthy lifestyle.
Mr L (46), Chester

The guidance Jeanette provided was invaluable to being able to confidently administer the execution of the FODMAP diet in order to assess the response of my digestive system and the associated symptoms to the various potential triggers. The use of the FODMAP app and BOWELLE app were also instrumental in helping to monitor symptoms and identify suitable foods to purchase (e.g. barcode recognition). Over 12 months of GP visits and various erroneous diagnoses and medications were useless but Jeanette solved the conundrum within 2 months, consisting of a consultation, follow up and a handful of tests.
Mr P (38), Flintshire

Jeanette has been a great help for me and my stomach! Working with her I have managed to move back towards a healthy weight and I'm feeling happier and more hopeful about my diet and food in general. She was very clear and thorough during appointments and always really supportive. Highly recommended!
Mr B (29), Liverpool